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A/O 2 Eye White Wash


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Sperry Top-Sider A/O 2-Eye White Wash classic style shoes which have been give modern looks with the help of durable materials and excellent construction. These shoes also have the touch of modern technologies as well to ensure that your feet remain totally stress free. The outstanding looks of these shoes allows you to wear them with just about any outfit. The upper of these shoes has been made form the full grain leather which has been give the amazing weather worn looks. This leather gives these shoes durability and also delivers magnificent looks. The upper has the Tru-Moc construction which has been hand-sewn to ensure superior perfection and excellent durability. The upper has the 360 degree lacing system and the eyelets are made from the rustproof material. This lacing system allows you customized and snug fit every time. The slip on construction of these shoes allows you to wear and take them off in an instant. The interior is super soft and it delivers you magnificent instep feel. The interior has been designed to ensures that your feet remain odorless and moisture free for healthy and fresh wearing. The insole has great cushioning to deliver you comfortable footing. The insole has the EVA heel cup which contours as per the shape of your feet for more comfortable fit. The heel cup also absorbs the shocks with each step to offer premium comfort and supportive ride. These shoes have the outsole made from the non-marking rubber which is durable and it keeps the high wear areas of the outsole durable. The outsole has the Wave Siping pattern achieved with the razor cutting technique. This pattern ensures great grip and traction on multiple dry and wet terrains. These shoes weigh 15 ounces as per size 12. You can find this style in these colors: Tan, Tan/ Dark Blue/ Orange, Orange, Dark Red and Dark Blue.




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Diane from Baltimore

Consistently great! I ordered a pair of these for my husband and then a pair for our son. (They now know how fabulous Zappos is!!) These shoes are great because they are always reliably consistent. They are comfortable, well made and nice looking. They both have worn Topsiders for years, so they already knew they would work. I wish it was as easy for me with my shoes!

Steve from Jersey

My most comfortable shoe - This shoe is a timeless classic that lives up to its reputation entirely. It is rare that a shoe fits so true to size. I actually bought a pair a half size larger than my actual fit and had to send them back and get a smaller size. I wear this shoe all of the time: around the house, out with friends, walking in the park, anywhere. It's a little too casual for my workplace which is really saddening. They look great, too. I have them in classic brown and actually get compliments all of the time (even though they're fairly commonplace or so I had thought). These shoes are always in good taste for whatever you are doing where you can dress casually. I love them and will certainly be buying a new pair if these ever wear out (which probably won't be for years). I once described them to a friend as "slippers you can wear around in public". They're that comfortable. However, if you are in need of extra support or just like to have it, these do not provide that. That is their only flaw which could be major or minor depending on your feet.

Julie S from Fredericksburg, VA

I love these shoes, but here are 2 things to keep in mind when buying boat shoes: This style is more open, like a slip-on shoe, and feels a full half-size larger than normal, so order a half-size down. They will fit perfectly. I cannot do the same thing for regular style boat shoes, so would not necessarily recommend ordering down for all styles. Also, I was concerned about the width because I can be a wide fit but the regular width in these (B) fit just fine. These type shoes do tend to rub on the heel a bit when new, so don't buy them to wear for an all-day walking event right away. I'm sure you can put some sort of heel pad in there to help. There isn't much arch support either, they're boat shoes so they're pretty flat. Again, comfortable for kicking around with but wouldn't wear them to walk in all day. Overall they are great casual shoes, I like them very much.


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